No mystery to solve this time.

My fur is standing too high for that.


[Sniffle…] Sh- she’s still a little bit shaken up over th… the loss of our poor little Hopskotch, but I’m… I’m sure she’ll be fine… [sniffle…]

See also: internet stalker

See also: internet stalker

Self defense courses

And Sweetie Belle is quite frankly insulted that you would insinuate otherwise!  Isn’t that right, Sweetie Belle?


Temporarily closing the ask box…

I need a bit of time to catch up with the huge amount of questions I got… in less than a day.  You ponies are crazy… some of you more so than others…

You know who you are.

I expect it to re-open within a week!  I’ll try to make updates twice daily until then.  Hope you enjoy!  

~Sweetie Belle

No I have never thought of that

No I have never thought of that


What have I gotten myself into


what about giving it to a different person who CAN handle it on their own time?


This is Sweetie’s BLOG.  Why would she just hand it over to another pony?  If you ran a blog about your daily life and you told people about yourself when they asked you questions, would you say to someone “hey, could you please take this blog and make posts for me?”

It makes absolutely no sense to expect a blog to continue forever, no matter who’s running it.  There’s more than one blog, I charge no subscription fee.  You follow a blog because you want to see their updates, “giving” it to someone else would be silly.  They can make their own blog and you can go follow that instead.

I see no reason to pass the blog onto someone else, so that will never happen.  This.  Is.  Sweetie’s.  Blog.  Just try to understand that.

A message from a human who is not Sweetie Belle

Sweetie didn’t want to say anything about it.  She felt too bad.  I’m not too happy about it either, but it needs to be said and finally gotten over with.

This blog, as some of you have acknowledged, is rarely updated.  I refuse to believe it has “died,” but it doesn’t update much and - being Sweetie’s manager - I get tired of having the stress related to it nagging at the back of my head.  Sweetie and I both thank you for all the death threats kind suggestions to formally end the blog.  A sarcastic thank you, but a thank you nonetheless.

I suppose this is a roundabout way of saying it, but yes, this blog is formally on “hiatus.”  I cannot say “it’s gone forever, never to return.”  I can, however, say I’m no longer considering updating it.  Both Sweetie and I have busy lives.  Both of us are going through changes in school and location and family matters.  We’ve gained new friends both in real life and on the internet.  So, thank you all, but neither one of us simply has the time to run the blog.

Moreover, I’m just not willing anymore.  I don’t get ideas for things Sweetie could post to entertain each of you.  when I do get ideas, she feels like they’re outside of her artistic ability.  I trust her judgement and wouldn’t push her to do something which makes her more uncomfortable than happy.  I don’t think anyone should expect that from her.

I know she’s really happy lately.  She’s made new friends and reunited with old ones.  Her parents came back to town after years of being away for a reason Sweetie didn’t choose to tell me.  Apparently, though, she was just being melodramatic about the mystery of her parents’ past.  That silly filly.  Her parents are real nice ponies, so I’ve heard, but they might not be able to stay for too long.  Last I heard, Sweetie and Lyra will still be staying together for the most part.  I honestly think that’s best for her, but it’s great that she and Rarity are going to stay a lot more in touch.  I couldn’t be happier about that.

Wow, wall of text, huh?  I suppose if there’s anything I’d like you to take away from reading this pile of letters, it’s that I thank you for sticking through and supporting her despite a lot of tough and rough times.  It’s been a very, very bumpy ride.  Though, in the end, I think it was really good for her… and me too.  The blog might return during the Summer, or whenever she gets bored and wants to make it, but please don’t expect anything.  

Thanks… thanks, everypony.  Everypony, I mean it, even the anons who said those horrible unspeakable things.  Actually, no, I’m not thanking you guys.  Screw you guys.  Get a freaking job.  Alright, bye.

Pester Sweetie Belle [An announcement]

Should be the name of this blog… yeesh!  I’m sorry, everypony for not updating this little blog enough for you all!

… sigh… okay I actually am sorry.  I… I can’t be mad at you, Tumblr ponies.  I should have t…told you I was gonna be gone.  Sorry.  :(

I was… well a lot of stuff happened.  Suddenly, without any real heads-up… Scootaloo came back to town.  She even made a new blog, after I convinced her to!  Instead of devoting my spare time to updating this blog… I hung out with her!

Then one day, Scootaloo was like “hey, let’s go visit Apple Bloom!”  I was kinda nervous, I hadn’t seen her for… what felt like a long time… at first she was kinda nervous(I was too, though).  But soon, we all got along real well and… we’ve all been hanging out again!!!  It’s so great!  We all made an ask blog together too, but we haven’t had a lot of time to update it lately…

… there’s a story behind that too…

… but I won’t bore you with the details.  Basically we attempted to be Cutie Mark Crusaders Thunder Gods, so we built up static electricity and then snuck up on Applejack and she uh

…fell down the cellar…

… now Apple Bloom is grounded and Scoot says she’s too afraid to visit Sweet Apple Acres until this all blows over.  I don’t blame her…

Anyway that’s why I haven’t been updating and probably will not for a little while.  I hope you understand… I just am really enjoying hanging out with my friends again..!  B-but… Scootaloo and I are going to try to update our other ask blog during this next week!  … try to.

Well this is embarrassing…

Ask-blog runners, yes!
This one will get us our cutie marks for sure!!


Ask-blog runners, yes!

This one will get us our cutie marks for sure!!